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5 Basic Hair Care Principles For Natural Hair
Natural Hair For Beginners

5 Basic Hair Care Principles For Natural Hair

One of the major misconceptions a lot of people have about natural hair is that it is stressful and expensive to maintain. Hence it is not particularly favorable for the average Nigerian. Now, I believe stress and affordability are relative. Just because you don’t want to commit to learning how to take care of your …

How To Transition to Natural Hair (A Beginner's Guide)
Natural Hair For Beginners, Transitioning

Transitioning to Natural Hair (A Beginner’s Guide)

Just like every new journey, a natural hair journey requires a series of decisions to be made before being embarked on. Often times, these decisions are usually backed up by adequate research. (See the importance of research in a natural hair journey) You don’t want to start and enter one chance. Trust me, we will …