Is Natural Hair Expensive?

Is Natural Hair Expensive?

If I had a dollar for every time, I heard this comment or someone asks me this question, I would have been able to afford a bundle of Her given hair by now.

Over time, one would have thought that some people would have gotten hang of the ‘relativity‘ of natural hair but alas here we are.

Hear this!

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This struggle with hair care maintenance can easily be traced to our mothers. A lot of us did not grow up with a healthy hair regimen. I’m not even sure they knew what it meant. The very few that did were probably blessed genetically so to keep the hair presentable, they did the bare minimum of washing, greasing and styling. The rest of us were left to the mercy of hair relaxers and a continuous cycle of zero post-relaxer maintenance.

Well, here we are, a new generation later struggling to fork out some cash once in three months for natural hair products.

Perhaps the biggest angle to this case is the actual prices of natural hair products. Everybody knows that most if not all the products used in our hair salons particularly in Nigeria are made with cheap chemicals and thus are unhealthy and unsafe for healthy natural hair. So those that were used to buying a 1L bottle of Petals or Apple Conditioner for about N500 or N700 max found it incredibly difficult to drop N1500 for a 250ml natural/organic conditioner without bearing in mind that the ingredients that make up these products are vastly different and would affect the results thereafter.

Then there was the issue of availability. Throwback to about four to five years ago, very few online retailers made a fortune from importing foreign natural hair products. This was clearly the last straw as the retail prices made new naturalistas finally tag the natural hair phenomenon as an expensive venture. I mean it’s one thing to take up my time and energy, now you want to take all my money???

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But thankfully, times have changed and new Nigerian natural hair brands have emerged. You can get a great natural hair starter kit for less than N10000.

But with most, if not all the issues addressed? What then is the problem?

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I mean, there are tons of resources on the internet on how to start a healthy natural hair journey successfully. There are also affordable and readily available natural hair products and natural hair salons are springing up every other day.

So, when people say natural hair is expensive, what do they really mean?

In my honest opinion, I think they mean that they can’t afford to commit their time and money to grow their God-given crown. It means that there are more important things going on in their life right now and their natural hair is the least of their worries.

It’s as simple as that.

No shade, but there’s also a category of people that prefer to splurge on several bundles of weaves every six months as opposed to buying salon size bottles of hair products that would probably last them a year or two.

So, no Natural hair is not expensive, you just have commitment issues. Click To Tweet

The deal about an affordable natural hair journey is that you just have to find what works for your budget. It’s a journey after all. You don’t want to spend your savings buying all sorts of products for your first few years because trust me, you would not need them. Make a budget and run with it. That way it keeps you accountable. There are natural hair products for every budget. Don’t think that you have to spend a fortune getting good products. That’s just a lie.

I’ll like to hear your thoughts on this.

Do you agree with my point of view?

Chime in, in the comments!

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