How To Start Your Natural Hair Journey

How To Start Your Natural Hair Journey

If there’s one thing that should be very simple to do but can be very difficult, it is starting.


A new journey. A new business. A new venture. A new hobby. A natural hair journey.

But I’m here today to push you by guiding you on everything you will need to do to kick start your natural hair journey.

Just like every other journey, it requires a bit of commitment but once you have gone past the initial stages and becomes a routine, it becomes fairly easier. The faster it becomes a routine, the easier it becomes a lifestyle which the ultimate goal (and the current stage I am at if I might add).

So, what do you need to do to start a successful natural hair journey?

  • Do your research
  • Choose a starting point: transitioning or big chop
  • Create a natural hair regimen
  • Get your natural hair products and tools.

Do your research.

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of research in a new natural hair journey in details. You can check it out. I mean, there’s nothing like adequately making preparations before embarking on a journey. Imagine just going to a gym to start a fitness journey without researching what kind of exercises you should do hoping that the gym instructor will explain everything you need to know. Using that approach is just setting up yourself for failure. This is also why a lot of people are struggling with their natural hair as a result of lack of adequate preparation. Don’t be like them. Don’t try to waste your time. Set aside some time and read far and wide about natural hair before you commit yourself. Whilst I believe everybody should embark on a natural hair journey at one point in their lives, I also believe that it might not necessarily be for everybody. Some people do not give a hoot about their natural hair and that’s totally fine. But for you, make sure anything you’re doing is worth doing well. If you need directions on how to start your natural hair journey, because I understand that this platform is fairly new, please send me an email at

How To Start Your Natural Hair Journey

Choose a starting point

If you have done your research like I told you to, you would know that you will need to choose a starting point for your natural hair journey. You can’t just jump into it. There’s a process involved. You can either decide to go through the slower and longer process of transitioning or faster process of doing the big chop. Thankfully, I have talked about them extensively in the previous posts. You can pause here and go check them out. Is one process better than the other? Not particularly, it depends on your level of commitment and how much effort you’re willing to put in to get your desired results. So, weigh the pros and cons of each and decide what works and is more convenient for you.

Create a natural hair regimen.

Again, based on your research you will understand the importance of a solid natural hair regimen. (Can you see the importance of doing your research and how it informs every decision you will take as you make progress in your natural hair journey? Can you see how incredibly important it is?) A natural hair regimen is a documentation of your natural hair routine. I always encourage a form of documentation (Note App, Hair Journal, whatever it is) because it gives you clarity and helps you make decisions. When it is not documented, it’s easier to forget and get muddled up in your head. So, going forward, try to write down your routine. How often would you like to shampoo, deep condition or trim? Make sure it specific and tailored to your lifestyle.

Get your natural hair products and tools.

After all, is said and done and you’re armed with all the important information you need, it is time to get your natural hair products. Products are important. They help make managing your natural hair easier. When you use you the right products consistently, you jump and pass the stages of natural hair headache(I promise you, it is a real thing) so try not to be too frugal in your product shopping. The same way you would splurge on skincare products, do the same for your natural hair products. Create a budget and work with it. Try not to buy too many unnecessary products just because someone says so. As always, I’m open to natural hair consultations, if you need some direction. (Email me at If you’re in Nigeria, you can check out our Instagram page (@ebunitehair), we have carefully selected natural hair products for sale.

Did you have any issues starting your natural hair journey? Share with us!

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