How To Prepare For The Big Chop

How To Prepare For The Big Chop

In our previous post, we discussed one of the two ways you can start your natural hair journey. (Read: How to Transition to Natural Hair).

In today’s post, we will be discussing how to prepare yourself and your natural hair for the life-changing decision of a big chop. For some people, chopping their hair is not so much of a big deal because they’re naturally scissors – friendly. For the rest of us, it will require some sort of mental prep to fully be ready for the big chop and its consequences.

What is a Big Chop?

A big chop simply means cutting off all of your relaxed or natural hair (if it’s the second journey) for a new hairstyle or to kickstart a new natural hair journey.

Most people opt for the big chop because it is quick,convenient and stress free. They don’t have to go through the stress of maintaining two textures that comes with transitioning.

How to do The Big Chop

Doing the big chop is as easy as going to the barber to chop off all your hair or standing in from of the mirror to trim off your hair gradually with a pair of hair shears until you get to your desired length. There’s no special treatment that needs to be done before a big chop because it signifies a start of something new. In this case, a new natural or healthy hair journey (if you plan to relax or texlax subsequently).

The Pros of doing a Big Chop

  • It is quick. It is something that can be done in minutes at home or by a professional barber to make the haircut neat and presentable.
  • It is convenient. Depending on the final length you decide to go with, you don’t necessarily have to commit to a strict regimen yet because your natural hair is still very short. So, you can conveniently wig it until it grows to a substantial length.
  • It is stress-free. Again, it doesn’t particularly require any commitment like transitioning would. This reduces the stress that sometimes comes with a new natural hair journey.
  • It gives you time to familiarize yourself with your natural hair and your future journey. If you didn’t have time to do your research, this period is the best to start. (Read the importance of research on a new natural hair journey)
  • It boosts your self-confidence. Doing the big chop and rocking your new cut with pride will give you the much-needed boost to start your natural hair journey. Trust me, you’re gonna need a lot of self-confidence in the future.
How To Prepare for the Big Chop
Danai Gurira

The Cons of doing a Big Chop

  • It is abrupt. There’s a quote by Coco Chanel that says that a woman that cuts her hair is about to change her life. No matter how you look at it, cutting your hair is a big deal.
  • It changes your entire look. If you’re like me, you will need to invest in bold jewelry, makeup and maybe a few wigs because cutting your hair changes your entire look. Oftentimes, you immediately look 10 years longer which is also a good thing.
  • It sometimes requires you to relearn how to be self-confident. If you were used to flaunting your long relaxed hair, you will have to also learn how to flaunt your new cut and it cannot be easy. It would take some time.

How to mentally prepare yourself for the Big Chop.

  • Think through your decision to embark on a natural hair journey and explore your options. Will it be easier for you to transition or would you prefer to jump right in?
  • Make provision for accessories (jewelry, wigs, makeup) to accentuate your new look.
  • Prepare yourself ahead for all forms of unwarranted commentary on your new look.
  • Regardless of what haters say, rock your big chop with pride. It is only temporary.

To finish up, enjoy this video of a big chop in action!

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